BAYC: Mutant Ape game

Posted on 26 Sep 2021 in security • 2 min read

The BAYC, mutant ape game

A different kind of article about a game organized by the Bored Ape Yach Club a few weeks ago. The deal was to complete five levels of a difficult game to get a Proof of attendance token.

As a few weeks have pass since the end of the game I will share a few tips to win every time as the game is written in JavaScript.

The game is located at

Note: it seems that you are directly in the last level (5/5) using the link above. You can find an archive with the JS files here.

As stated above and mentioned by a few players (Tweet deleted) the game is really hard. The player only has three life for the whole five level while the boss (the mutant ape) has 15 life per level. You must hit him 75 times while you can only be it twice! Also the mutant's hitbox is awful.

player vs boss life

But this is a JavaScript game so you can easily open a debugger in the tab (before loading the game). Once you have the console you can manipulate the game as you want:

  • You can give yourself a lot of health and still enjoy the game using

who is the boss now?

  • Or you can just kill the boss in one key stroke (↑) by setting the boss health to 0 with for an instant boss death.

Wrapping up

Avoid buidling game that run client side or at least verify some data server side (game time, player life, etc.) as the babyboomer game (now over).

A different type of (shorter) post here. Let's see if this get some appreciation.