SSH config

SSH Config file

SSH Config file can be simply life a lot. For that you just have to edit (or create) the file ~/.shh/config.

There is many options you can combine in order to have a very precise connection:

  • HostName: the address to you host ssh server
  • Port: the ssh port on your server
  • User: the username for the connection
  • IdentityFile: the ssh key you use to connect with the user on the server
  • DynamicForward {port}: the port if you want to configure a proxy

For exemple :

Host yourHost
    Port 22300
    User fooey
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/yourKey.key
    DynamicForward 1234

Then ssh youHost is equivalant to ssh -p 22300 -l fooey -i ~/.ssh.yourKey.key -D 1234.

There is a lot of other options, just read the doc.

Source: nerderati