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Insomnihack Teaser 2017

This week-end was the insomnihack teaser CTF. I participated with the team The Half Crunchy.

The theme was "RISE OF THE MACHINES" with rogue webserver and flawing cat robot.

We finished 42th with 550 points flagging 5 challenges:


Many thanks to the organisation! It was a really nice CTF.

Thanks to all team members who participated.

CTF NDH Qualifications

Logo NDH

This weekend (4 April 2015) take place the qualification round for "Nuit du Hack" CTF from 00:01 to 23:59. It was a Jeopardy CTF.

I have participated with the Zenk-Security team. At the end we got the 7th position and are qualified for the final which would be a Attack-Defense CTF in Paris in June.

I publish here the ones for the challenges I participated to and make a writeup of. All the writeup for this CTF are accessible here (in french).