Blog Start

Posted on 18 Aug 2014 in Misc • 1 min read

Today I start my blog using Pelican and hosting it with github pages. It is located at On you will find a sort of portal where I redirect travelers to this blog or to my notes located at My notes are the place where is store my "how to" and the things that may help other peoples, they are also hosted with github pages.

Nevertheless all this notes and all the content of this blog is redacted locally with vim and then push to github. That means that I have all traces of every article and every notes redacted here.

I want to offer a comments solution where all the comments are stored on my computer but I am not sure it is possible and I will probably use discuss in a first time.

The default theme of pelican is awful and I will change it in the next few days. Hoping that I found one better.


29 Oct. 2014: I use discuss for the comments and I use the maggner for pelican theme. You can read more about the theme in the blog changes article.