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Blog changes #2

blog screenshot

There was a lot of changes lately on the blog. I rewrite the urls, I moved the notes section, I displayed the categories in the menu, add a favicon and add a markdown plugin.

I wrote more "about" pages, separating the "about me" and "about website" pages and creating a sports pages with my time for each race I run.

I also tweak the theme by adding icons, adding borders around code blocs, putting the same CSS to pages as to articles and some minors improvements.

Switching to Horde

I host my own services with a web access, for my mail and calendar I used Roundcube a wonderful webmail and agendav for my calendar. Nevertheless I am used to have everything in one place (thank you Google for the bad habit) and agendav was no more working on my …

Blog changes

Short news from by blog:

Yesterday I publish my blog with a brand new theme. The main reason is to not have the classical bootstrap theme like everybody else. Nevertheless I am no graphic artist that is why I use a theme designed by someone else.

The theme is based …