Blog changes

Posted on 27 Oct 2014 in misc • 1 min read

Short news from by blog:

Yesterday I publish my blog with a brand new theme. The main reason is to not have the classical bootstrap theme like everybody else. Nevertheless I am no graphic artist that is why I use a theme designed by someone else.

The theme is based on Maggner theme, created by Templateify and adapted to pelican by Klaus Laube.

For the moment there is some minors problems :

  • The twitter and google+ buttons at the bottoms of articles are in Espagnoles (or something similar)
  • I want to add some links in the menu to have links to my home page and to my notes but this is not working for the moment
  • The pictures in the article does not seems to work

I will try to fix this problems in the next few weeks, in the same time I will add images to each article already published and mostly refocus on the articles in order to write new ones.


  • 29/10/14: I changed the social button language for English nevertheless the Facebook button is not present