Blog changes #2

Posted on 15 May 2015 in misc • 2 min read

blog screenshot

There was a lot of changes lately on the blog. I rewrite the urls, I moved the notes section, I displayed the categories in the menu, add a favicon and add a markdown plugin.

I wrote more "about" pages, separating the "about me" and "about website" pages and creating a sports pages with my time for each race I run.

I also tweak the theme by adding icons, adding borders around code blocs, putting the same CSS to pages as to articles and some minors improvements.

Site changes


There was two part of the website, the /blog and the /notes. First of all I moved the about pages which where located in the notes section and put it as a static page in the /blog part and then I moved all the notes into a notes page.

Error page

I remove the 404 page from github to put my own with a link to the archives and to the notes.


I Display the category in the menu. A theme change was needed as the original one does not handle them.



I add a favicon to the website.

Theme tweaking

It tweak the maggner pelican theme a lot and my repository is in advance of a few commits compared to the original one. In fact I add a few features to the theme:

A menu section to be added in the config file:

  ('Notes', ''),
  ('RSS / ATOM feed', ''),)

A link section (blogroll) as in the main pelican themes, also configurable:

# Blogroll
LINKS = (('Pelican', ''),
     ('', ''),
     ('Jinja2', ''),)
  • In the archives, the date is before the article and its format is like '24 May 2015'.
  • The social buttons at the end of an article are now configured in the pelican configuration.
  • In the archives the date and the article title are separated with some space.
  • The categories can be display in the menu.
  • The social links are preceded with the corresponding social icon.
  • The archives and feeds links are preceded with a nice icon.
  • The pages CSS will now be the same as the articles one. For instance the links in the pages are now in red as there were like the rest of the text before.
  • Add a border to each bloc of code.