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Vulnhub Droopy

Droopy homepage A few days ago, I installed a new pentesting box based on Arch Linux with Kali

in a virtual machine. In order to test it I select a light vulnbox on vulnhub : Droopy. There were two hints on the description of the machine on the vulnhub download page:

  1. Grab a copy of the rockyou wordlist.
  2. It's fun to read other people's email.

We will see how to use them in a moment :)

Vulnhub - FlickII


Still playing with the vulnhub machines this time it is the turn of FlickII. This one is different from the others as it has an android application associated. It would be a great exercice to play with mobile application, decompile it and see what is in the inside.

LAMPSecurity: CTF4

I start the LAMPSecurity CTF4 challenge of vulnhub available here. The goal is to get a root shell on the server.


First of all we need to determine the IP address of the server. Since we launch it in a bridged virtual machine the local router got the IP …