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HTB: Monteverde

Craft card

This is a writeup about a retired HacktheBox machine: Monteverde published on January the 11th 2020 by egre55. This box is classified as a medium machine. The user part is quit direct and easy and involve to enumerate a few basic services. The root part was harder for me as it is based on a specific issue with Azure AD and Password Hash Synchronisation.

HTB: Nest

Nest card

This is a writeup about a retired HacktheBox machine: Nest This box is classified as an easy machine. It was publish on January the 25th by VbScrub. This box is a bit different that the other ones on HTB. Until the last step you never have a shell on the box (and none is needed to root it). All commands and enumeration are done on the SMB service. There is also a personnalized service HQK.

Getting user involve understanding a bit of cryptography (homemade combination of base64 and AES) but nothing too complexe.

Getting root required to decompile some .NET executable to get some parameter for the homemade encryption.

Installing OSMC without installer

I bought the new raspberry pi 3 with integrated Wi-Fi. Currently I still have a Ethernet cable running through my living room to my old raspberry pi 1.

Just willing to download the last raspbmc version I figured that it was no more raspbmc but osmc which is basically the same but with much marketing around it. The most annoying one is that you need to install an install (such meta). I was pretty much sure it was not really necessary and moreover there is no version of the installer for Arch Linux.